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This Old House

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Things About Me

1. My nickname is Lisa and my given name is Elizabeth Ann.
2. My mother’s nickname is Jean and her given name is Bessie Jean (she hates that name).
3. I have been happily married for 27 years, we have a 21 year-old son; and I have a 31-year-
old daughter.
4. I have four rescue dogs: a yellow lab, an akita/border collie mix, a West Highland white
terrier, and a daschund. I wish I had a cat.
5. My son is an Eagle Scout.
6. I am a birthmother and a founder of the Triangle Adoption Support Group.
7. I recently colored with crayons with my 31-year-old daughter, who loves coloring books as much
as I do!

9. I have been a licensed North Carolina Realtor/Broker specializing in historic properties for
the past 10 years.
10. I am a Christian and I teach the adult CSI (Christ Scene Investigators) Sunday school class at
Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Durham.
11. I am a recovering food addict and I work the 12 steps of Overeaters Anonymous.
12. Sometimes my sugar addiction has gotten so bad that I have dug through my car until I could
find enough loose pennies to go buy a milk shake.
13. I am a volunteer adoptions placement counselor at the Durham County Animal shelter.
14. I have never watched a person die, but I have held plenty of dogs in my arms while they
peacefully “went to sleep over the Rainbow Bridge.”
15. I was born in Oak Ridge, Tenn.
16. My first memory is of helping my mother make the bed when I was about 2
17. My second memory is when I was 3 and my baby sister was born.
18. I got lost in a big department store when I was 4 and my Uncle Bob found me.
19. I first time I remember seeing the ocean was when we went to Corpus Christi, Texas. I must have
been 4 or 5. We also went to Mexico on that same trip. My sister was a brat and she threw food
at people in the restaurants.
20. One year, I went snooping through my mother’s closet and I found the baby doll I had asked
Santa to bring me for Christmas. I showed it to my Mom and for some reason, Santa did not give
me that doll for Christmas.
21. I cried myself to sleep the night I accidentally slammed my pet parakeet’s head in the door
when I was 11. I am still not over it.
22. A long walk on the beach will usually make my tears go away.
23. My sister and I used to play Amazon Women with the other girls in our neighborhood and no boys
were ever allowed to play.
24. I still remember my first plane trip (to France when I was 16).
25. When we lived in France and we traveled to England, Scotland, Spain, Germany & Italy.
26. My sister and I went ice skating every Tuesday & Thursday night with the French teen-agers in
our village.
27. For a long time, I did not care to travel after we returned to the United states.
28. Now that I am an adult, I love to travel again!
29. My favorite vacation spot is the Caribbean, where the water is warm & crystal clear and I can
go snorkeling & Scuba diving.
30. I like blowing bubbles off my hotel balcony when I am on at the beach.
31. I also like throwing bread off the balcony and attracting the sea gulls to our room. It always
bugs the people staying in the room below us because the sea gulls poop on their balcony. There
is usually at least one sea gull that will let me catch him.
32. I’ve been on two Cruises, and it’ll be a long time before I go on another big one. (I would
like to go on a barefoot cruise, though).
33. I’ve never been to Jamaica, but I’ve been Scuba diving in several Caribbean countries.
34. The first time I’ve ever been to the west coast was last summer when we flew to Spokane,
Washington. I still want to go to California.
35. I never grow tired of visiting Washington, DC
36. I would like to visit all 50 States before I die.
37. I’ve never been to South America, Central America or Asia. But I want to visit Africa and
38. When I was in high school, I made some hilarious prank phone calls with my friends.
39. I got caught for skipping school when I was in high school and it was the only time I ever got
into trouble in school.
40. When I was in college I did things I told myself I would never do and I have never done since.
(Thank goodness for God’s grace).
41. Today I believe in living each day as if it were my last day on earth!
42. I have laughed so hard that my drink has run out of my nose.
43. I love catching snowflakes on my tongue
44. Sometimes we get silly and sing & dance with our dogs.
45. Once my husband, son & I drove to the top of a mountain to see Hailey’s comet and we ended up
in a pasture with a mean bull.
46. I’d rather get the video and watch it at home than go to the movies.
47. My favorite drink is Good Nature, Sweet & Spicy hot tea.
48. I have pierced ears and no tattoos. One day I am going to really shock my husband, friends and
family and come up with some kind of wild body art!
49. On a scale of 1-10, most days I rate my job at 9.5.
50. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because it only lasts one day and no one has to buy any
51. My favorite food is white chocolate and my favorite dessert is cheese cake.
52. My favorite smell is fresh-cut green grass in the summer.
53. I like to relax with a cup of fresh-brewed coffee and a newspaper.
54. Where do I see myself in 10 years? Enjoying life with my husband; hopefully being the mother-in-
law of my son’s wife and my daughter’s husband. And if I am lucky, being a grandmother to
several grandchildren (and granddogs!)