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Some Good Advice on Preventing the Swine Flu

My dear friend, Trish Koontz just emailed me an excellent article about preventing the H1N1 (Swine Flu). She is really into holistic medicine and I totally trust any medical advice she has ever offered me. So I am going to start gargling with Listerine every day, like the article suggests. (It really advocates using salt water. But I prefer the taste of Listerine, thank you).


Trish’s article was written by Dr. Vinay Goyal, an intensivist and thyroid specialist, having clinical experience of over 20 years. He has worked in institutions like Hinduja Hospital , Bombay Hospital , Saifee Hospital, and Tata Memorial. Presently, he is heading the Nuclear Medicine Department and Thyroid clinic at Riddhivinayak Cardiac and Critical Centre, in Malad (W). Trish always did go for those Far Eastern health providers.

So here is Dr. Goval’s article:
“The only portals of entry are the nostrils and mouth/throat. In a global epidemic of this nature, it's almost impossible to avoid coming into contact with H1N1 in spite of all precautions. Contact with H1N1 is not so much of a problem as proliferation is.
“While you are still healthy and not showing any symptoms of H1N1 infection, in order to prevent proliferation, aggravation of symptoms and development of secondary infections, some very simple steps, not fully highlighted in most official communications, can be practiced (instead of focusing on how to stock N95 or Tamiflu):
 1. Frequent hand-washing (well highlighted in all official communications).
 2. "Hands-off-the-face" approach. Resist all temptations to touch any part of face (unless you want to eat, bathe or slap).
 3. *Gargle twice a day with warm salt water (use Listerine if you don't trust salt). *H1N1 takes 2-3 days after initial infection in the throat/ nasal cavity to proliferate and show characteristic symptoms. Simple gargling prevents proliferation. In a way, gargling with salt water has the same affect on a healthy individual that Tamiflu ha s on an infected one. Don't underestimate this simple, inexpensive and powerful preventative method.
4. Similar to 3 above, *clean your nostrils at least once every day with warm salt water. *Not everybody may be good at Jala Neti or Sutra Neti (very good Yoga asanas to clean nasal cavities), but *blowing the nose hard once a day and swabbing both nostrils with cotton buds dipped in warm salt water is very effective in bringing down viral population.*
5. *Boost your natural immunity with foods that are rich in Vitamin C. If you have to supplement with Vitamin C tablets, make sure that it also has Zinc to boost absorption.
6. *Drink as much of warm liquids (tea, coffee, etc) as you can. *Drinking warm liquids has the same effect as gargling, but in the reverse direction. They wash off proliferating viruses from the throat into the stomach where they cannot survive, proliferate or do any harm.


“Neti pots and sinus rinse kits are available at the drug store and relatively inexpensive….under $15.”




From what I have been reading, they are comparing the S1N1 flu to the flu pandemic of 1918. I remember my Grandfather Dye talking about how awful it was to live through that. He was probably about eight or nine years old when it hit and he was the only one in his family who didn’t come down with it. He told me people in his little community of Tellico Plains, Tenn., were dying all over the place. He had to take care of everyone in his family; plus all of his neighbors. In fact, my grandfather never came down with the flu one single time during his entire life!


I always wondered if I might have inherited some of my grandfather’s antibodies. But I didn’t want to run the risk of ever coming down with the flu, just in case. So about 20 years ago, I started getting in the habit of getting a yearly flu shot. I had always heard another pandemic was coming our way and I wanted to be ready just in case. So I figure by now, I should have a great tolerance built up against the flu!


I called my doctor’s office today because I had heard that the S1N1 vaccine had finally come in. And I want to get both the seasonal and the Swine flu shot at the same time. But my doctor’s telephone message said they were still awaiting the S1N1 vaccine and they will be offering only the seasonal flu shot on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I heard on TV last night that the Health Department has the nasal Swine flu vaccination, but then you have to wait three weeks before you can get the seasonal flu shot.


I’ve often wondered why scientists couldn’t just go to my grandfather’s grave and dig him up. Then they could extract some of his DNA and come up with a permanent cure for the flu. Then I wouldn’t have to ever worry about getting another flu shot again!


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